Best Cabarets in Paris

If you're in Paris for a romantic getaway, a luxury cabaret is an absolute must-see. Featuring exquisite costumes, wiggling feathers, and sequin sparkle, these shows will leave you spellbound. There's even a dinner and show option for those looking for a luxurious night out. Here are four of the best to enjoy while in the city. Whether you're visiting for a romantic date or just want to experience a great cabaret performance, you'll find a unique cabaret in Paris.

Unlike many other cabarets in Paris, au Lapin Agile is home to legendary artists. It's situated on a quiet street in Montmartre and once housed struggling artists. The charming pink cottage has been transformed into an authentic cabaret and features classic tunes and chanson francaise. During your stay in the city, make sure to plan a visit to this Parisian hot spot. Although the show is in French, you'll have no trouble following the artists' songs.

If you're visiting Paris for a romantic getaway, a Paris cabaret is a great choice. From classic burlesque to modern ballet, cabarets offer a night of romance and glitz. For a truly special night out, head to the famous Lido de France. This legendary establishment is the world's most popular nightclub. A romantic evening at the Lido will leave you speechless at this extravagant show, which is also an homage to Paris.

If you're seeking a romantic setting, there's no better place than Montmartre's Montmartre. The town is famous for its beautiful architecture, and this cabaret is no exception. Its setting is intimate, and the performers don't wear sequins or other expensive items. However, if you're on a budget, the best luxury cabarets in Paris can cost up to EUR98 per person.

If you're looking for a glamorous evening, you'll find the best luxury cabarets in Paris. If you're looking for an elegant evening with a dazzling show, consider the Crazy Horse Show. Its stunning female bodies and mind-bending light effects are a testament to the city of lights. The music is highly sophisticated, and the dancing is sensual. If you're looking for a more flamboyant evening, this is the perfect spot.

The best luxury cabarets in Paris can be found in the most fashionable districts. You'll find the most famous cabarets in this city at the famous Le Lapin Agile. Its location is very urban, with a large signpost depicting an animal on the front door. Its contemporary dance revues are a highlight of this luxury cabaret, and you'll love the lively atmosphere.

The most luxurious cabaret in Paris is Au Lapin Agile. Despite not looking like a typical cabaret hotspot, this quaint and cozy cabaret is a great place to spend a romantic evening. The stage is decorated with dozens of beautiful sequins and glittering costumes. The audience is guaranteed to be enraptured. The best luxury cabarets in Paris are intimate. A visit to this cabaret will make you feel instantly at ease.

Crazy Horse Cafe. One of the most renowned cabarets in Paris, it is a must-see for lovers. It features stunning female bodies and enthralling water/light effects. Moreover, this cabaret is a true ode to femininity and romance. You'll be captivated as you watch the breathtakingly gorgeous dancers and singers performing.

Le Zebre de Belleville. This classic Parisian cabaret is located in an iconic pink cottage on a hilly street. It features a show that blends classical circus moves with the best of French cabaret. The performers fly above the audience and are a treat for the eyes. It is a fun and elegant way to spend an evening in Paris. At this famous show, you can see the infamous Moulin Rouge in a more intimate setting.

Le Lido. This cabaret is located in the fifth arrondissement. It is a renowned Parisian venue that features a glamorous show and a dinner. The seating arrangement in this venue is intimate and tastefully done. The current show is a celebration of femininity with bold, modern costumes and wigs. Guests at the Crazy Horse Café can even eat at the restaurant's gourmet cuisine.